Brewarrina Skate Park

Brewarrina Skate is a new recreational facility located in the main street of Brewarrina next to the Visitor Information and Exhibition Centre. Located directly across form the “weir park”, and car park entrance to our 40,000 yr old heritage listed Fish Traps, which make for the idea place to have a picnic and a play with the family after you take a guided tour with the Aboriginal Cultural Museum. The location welcomes caravanners, with long wide streets you can be sure you will find parking close by.

The Brewarrina Skate Park was purposely built following recommendations from our children and youth, so its bound to entertain. This park accommodates all skill levels, from the beginners to the pro’s, with three skill areas it offers everyone hours of fun no matter what your age. If this doesn’t excite perhaps our Free Pool and Aquatic Park will.

  • Bowl pocket
  • Hip
  • Waterfall
  • Transition with roll-in
  • Wall ride
  • Flatbank street spine
  • Mogul
  • Quarter banks
  • Hipped flat bank
  • Ledge
  • Flatbank with down rail