Bre Mission

The Brewarrina Aboriginal Mission was the oldest institutional-type community in the state that was still managed in 1965. Over the years, the Brewarrina Mission was used to house other Aboriginal people from Tibooburra, Angledool, Goodooga and Culgoa to form the reserve which operated between 1886 – 1966 and was one of the longest running reserve stations in NSW. During the reserve period many Aboriginal people died and were buried in the reserve cemetery. The entire site of Brewarrina Mission including its cemetery is a significant place to the many Aboriginal tribes including Ngemba and Murrawarri tribe as a ‘place of belonging’. The place retains its high integrity in its cultural, spiritual, social and historical values to many Aboriginal people across NSW.

There are approximately 90 graves with 50 of those being marked by wooden crosses and headstones. Near the cemetery there are 2 small burial sites which were recently done in a reburial ceremony of returned ancestral remains.
Over the old mission area, approximately 16 small interpretation panels are scattered providing information as to what was once there. Remains of the rehabilitation centre are also on the site, including the concrete slab.

More about this significant site can be learnt by booking a tour at the Brewarrina Aboriginal Cultural Museum. 

Brewarrina Aboriginal Mission