The Narran Lake Nature Reserve includes an inland freshwater wetland formed by the termination of the Narran River. The wetlands have at times provided a habitat for significant bird breeding events and they provide a refuge for a multitude of bird species in a changed landscape surrounding the park dominated by grazing and agriculture. The area was a common meeting place for Aboriginal people for thousands of years and this is reflected in the current joint management of the park between NPWS and members from the local Aboriginal community. The reserve is rich in indigenous artefacts and places of cultural significance including the most extensive shell middens in North West New South Wales.

Narran Lake is classified as a Nature Reserve and RAMSAR listed wetland and as such protected under the RAMSAR Convention – two of the highest levels of Nature Protection in Australia. Access is extremely limited to the public to protect sensitive areas – don’t be disappointed as there is an Annual Open Day, held every April. The Narrabri National Parks and Wildlife Office has the latest details.