The Great Artesian Drive Is a destination route of discovery, embracing eight distinctive and unique Hot Artesian Spa facilities amidst the tranquil settings of North West New South Wales. Explore The Great Artesian Drive and experience the warm and friendly country hospitality along with a multitude of attractions and therapeutic hot artesian pools which are dappled throughout the North West. Need any more reasons to journey our way? Travel the Great Artesian Drive and be pleasantly surprised as you discover the jeweled havens of the North West!

The waters can be taken in:
Pilliga Pools in Narrabri Region
Moree Artesian Aquatic Centre, Boomi Pools and Mungindi Pools in Moree Shire
Lightning Ridge, Burren Junction, Walgett, and Brewarrina Shire Goodooga,

Immerse yourself in the flowing, hot, mineral-rich Artesian waters and seek the many reputed advantages of taking the waters
Rejuvenate and re-hydrate your skin;
Assist with detoxifying your body’s lymphatic system;
Replenish the body’s cells;
Relax muscles and ease joint pains – renowned benefits for those with muscular and arthritic problems;
Provide weightlessness and ease rheumatic complaints;
Assist in the management of sciatica and nerve troubles;
Provide analgesic and sedative effects;
Great for those who have trouble sleeping;
Provide relief of symptoms of psoriasis, eczema and other common skin complaints.

Goodooga bore bath