• Barwon River Brewarrina NSW

Brewarrina has long been a mecca for fishing enthusiasts, who return year after year on an annual pilgrimage to catch “the big one”. The long and deep stretches of permanent water of the Barwon River are a haven for native fish such as golden perch (yellow belly), black fish and the famed Murray Cod – the Holy Grail for fishermen because of their elusiveness!

Local hotspots famed for great catches are The Straight, Black Stump, Boomerang Island, Boat Ramp and the Four Mile, just to name a few! The pylons under the Old Brewarrina Bridge are rumored to bountiful. Local residents will happily tell you where the current hot spot, what is biting and what they are biting on.

Popular live bait is worms and fresh shrimp, while imitation frog and shrimp lures also have proven success. Murray Cod have a penchant for soft cheeses. Some locals even report bait as simple as bread or tinned corn kernels being successful! Bait is available to purchase from the Friendly Grocer and Macdonald Rural CRT. There is nothing better than sitting on the river bank, with a line in the water, waiting for that telling “twitch” of the line, alerting you to a fish taking the bait.

If you wish to launch your preferred fishing water craft, you can do so at one of Brewarrina’s two boat ramps, The Four Mile or the aptly named, Barwon Bridge Boat Ramp, and meander your way up and down stream, trying your luck.