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Marketing and Sales Copywriting for Small Businesses

1 March @ 8:00 am - 31 March @ 9:00 am

There’s that old adage: if you can read, you can write. And while this is inherently true, writing is so much more than throwing spaghetti (sentences) at the wall and hoping to create bolognese (the perfect recipe for marketing success).

Sure, as business owners, we’re masters of our field. We’re passionate about what we do, and we know enough about it that we could talk about it to almost anyone who asked. We know the lingo, we know the product, and we know why it’s important for people to have our offering in their lives.

So why, then, is it so hard for us to write the words which capture the essence of our brand and what we’re selling?

We’ve all been there. We sit down to create the ultimate marketing plan. Set up an eye catching, user friendly website? Tick. Source the perfect product and shipping packaging? Done. Create a library of Insta-worthy pictures and graphics to reel (pun intended) the audience in? Absolutely.

Then, you upload your imagery to your website / social media scheduler and realise you actually have to write copy which convinces your customers to buy your product/service.

Cue the blinking cursor.

It’s right about this time (or about 3 hours later) that you start wishing you’d budgeted for a copywriter. Someone skilled in the art of wordcraft who can take your brain dumped notes and turn them into shiny, engaging captions and descriptions which showcase your offering in the way it deserves.

But you didn’t. And that’s okay. You know for next time!

So, how do you upskill yourself quickly and equip yourself with enough confidence to get your brand to a place you’re happy with in the meantime?

This half hour workshop is designed to give you a crash course in self- editing and refining of your current or draft copy. With three simple steps you can implement immediately, you’ll leave the workshop feeling confident that you can:

– Rebuild your brand voice to attract the right audience organically
– Renew your current copy using simple editing techniques
– Recharge your confidence in crafting captivating social media captions and ad copy

Designed so you can watch the webinar on demand at a time that suits you, this short session is perfect for new and established business owners alike. Once registered, you’ll receive a link to view the webinar and download all the accompanying resources.

Register today via the link to get started.

I’m so excited to work with you!