Brewarrina is a bird watchers paradise, constant sounds of a variety of birds always evident in the background. Birds are everywhere – not just along the riverbanks but on farmlands, in the National Parks, in the tallest of trees and even in the driest areas of the shire. Soaking rain at the start of 2020 has rejuvenated the native flora and rivers, which has bought an abundance of bird life, including the threatened species, the Australian Bustard.

These wetland systems are a birdwatchers paradise, providing habitat for major breeding sites of more than 10,000 birds. They include pelicans, cormorants, darters, Magpie geese and grebes. There are small wading birds such as sandpipers and dotterels and large wading birds such as ibis, herons and egrets. Threatened water bird species include the Blue-billed and Freckled ducks and the brolga.

The flycatcher lives up to its name, constantly flitting over the water, snapping up insects in mid-air. The White-necked Heron stalking along the banks of the river is one of the larger species of water birds, along with a couple of others of the same family White-necked Heron, Great Egret & White-faced Heron, all intent on a spot of fishing.

A soft trilling call in the trees alerted you to the movements of this White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike. It is dark phase bird, often not seen form of a species never really found because of its quiet and unassuming nature. In the waning light of the setting sun you could sight the Sacred Kingfisher watching for that last bit of tucker before retiring for the evening. Large flocks of Cockatiels (or Quarrions, derived from the Aboriginal – guwarrayin) are ever present in the nearby croplands.

Observing these elegant and smallest members of the cockatoo family wheeling through the air, with their plaintive calls of “weero” accompanying every flight. The Yellow-billed Spoonbill is carnivorous, catching small animals by sweeping its bill through shallow water and swallowing prey once it is detected.

What else might you see?

Pelicans, Wedge tail eagles, parrots, kookaburras, doves, red tailed black cockatoos, willie wagtails, Barking Owl or sacred kingfisher just to name a few! So get your camera, swag and binoculars and come see nature at its best!